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How to apply in Germany.

DIGIMAP. The digital application folder for the start in your dream job

Best prospects for applicants. Anyone who has tried in vain so far to get cover letters, CVs and certificates into the right form will find the right solution here. The DIGIMAP applicant portal supports you on your way to the perfect application folder. Create your professional applications quickly and easily, manage your documents and output them in a single PDF file.

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The DIGIMAP Applicant Portal: Create an Online Application Folder

DIGIMAP is designed from practice for practical use. As a foundation, numerous discussions were held with applicants, HR specialists and professional HR consultants. The insights gained have been incorporated into the implementation of the portal and the programming of individual application folders.

July 25, 2017: Desired user application. Portal user number. 2096

From now on, the folder name can be changed on the title pages. The following text variants are available: application, CV, CV, certificates, presentation.

July 10, 2017: Desired user application. Portal user number. 1214

The desire for individualization of the individual headings in the CV configurator was implemented. The templates can be renamed in the future.

June 24, 2017: Case Study successfully completed.

The students of the HdWM in Mannheim under the supervision of Prof. Dr. med. Hans Jürgen Kaufmann took a close look at the DIGIMAP applicant portal and completed the case study with a great presentation. Among other things, the functionality of the software was tested and the operability was analyzed. The data security of the DIGIMAP portal was also particularly good. All students agreed that privacy is an important criterion for selection. Managing Directors Falko Kopp and Angelika Braun from DIGIMAP Careerservice were thrilled. "It's great how the students got involved in the subject. We have received many new ideas and suggestions that we would like to include in the portal and make it available to users in the future."

December 6, 2016

Under instructions you will find the new video tutorials.

December 3, 2016

10 new attractive portfolio covers and 4 new design templates for resume conversions are now available.

Rely on the advantages of the DIGIMAP applicant portal

Immediately available

Create your digital application folder in just minutes

Many attractive design templates

Use the large selection of graphic templates for your new application portfolio

Clear portfolio management

Manage targeted photos, credentials and documents and integrate them into your portfolio as needed

Application folder with or without cover letter

With the text program you can create your cover letter directly in the application folder

Computer security

No need to download large files, templates or memory-hungry application software to your computer

Protecting your privacy and sensitive data

The DIGIMAP applicant portal does not participate in data trading. The disclosure of data for advertising purposes is excluded.

Available online everywhere

Create or update your folder at any time. Also with smartphone or tablet

All documents available immediately

Insert photos, certificates or documents easily and quickly into your application folder.

Quick implementation through menu-driven curriculum vitae configurator

Easiest way to create your CV with the help of the innovative CV Configurator

Automatic data compression

Your application folder is automatically compressed for secure e-mail delivery and optimized for PDF viewing

Your online application folder - it's so easy

After registering you log in with your access data. Create your complete application in just a few steps . You can then download the digital application folder as a PDF document to your computer. The application folder can be updated at any time. With your access data you will get directly to the folder management. You can easily create your "personal friendly" online application with the DIGIMAP applicant portal.

Privacy protection through license

The Digimap applicant portal was created in cooperation with universities and colleges exclusively for people who value privacy and data protection. Our business model and pricing includes a personalized and data protected user license. We are of the opinion that applicant data is particularly worth protecting and may not be passed on to companies for advertising purposes or to companies for personnel recruitment. By licensing, only you as an authorized user have access to your stored data and documents.

In contrast to many free of charge available Internet offers Digimap finances itself therefore not over the sales of data or over advertisement. All costs for programming, software development and server provision are distributed to all portal users at fair prices. The security and the protection of the portal users have thereby absolute priority.