Mit DIGIMAP zur digitalen Bewerbungsmappe

The DIGIMAP Applicant Portal

DIGIMAP is the pioneering online portal for creating digital application folders. The portal was created in collaboration with recruitment consultants, recruitment, job applicants and career starters (students, graduates). The objective is to provide people who want to apply online with a suitable and secure solution for the quick, uncomplicated creation of professional and attractive application folders.

If you are unsure about preparing suitable job application letters or upcoming interviews, please contact professional recruitment consultants or employment agencies. You will also find a lot of useful information on the internet. We are happy to link here qualified and useful information on the topic "Properly and successfully promote" with our online portal. ">Contact form. contact form .

Living privacy

Goldwert Medien GmbH does not trade with user data and is not financed by advertising. With the payment of the license costs, our customers have absolute certainty that no private or professional data will be forwarded to third parties. All costs for programming, software development and server provision are allocated to all portal users at fair prices. All data is stored securely in a German data center. The latest European data protection regulations (EU GDPR) are used. Message .